Acoustic light ceiling daylight

In this place we met the culinary perfection in person : Sébastien Bras. A character that marks by its simplicity and precision.

We won’t forget this project which is now part of our history.

We faced a daunting challenge : illuminating a 300 m2 room of a three-star restaurant using a stretched canvas and a backlight led. Simple to describe but much less to achieve.

We had to deploy 1200 m of “dual color led” (led bi-color allowing to mix two shades of light on the same chip) made especially for this project.

It was necessary to optimize the positioning, the gap, the angle of opening of the led, the IRC (color rendering index), the caloric dissipation and the control of this installation outside norms.

Anything in a backlight canvas stretched create a sensitive lighting or a slight reflection which can led to a visual mess and disrupt uniformity.

This installation controlled by our OHAS tool (light management interface), allows us to vary the intensity individually of each zone, bar by bar. We can work color by color, warm white or cold white or select no colors.

Long evenings were necessary to choose : color, intensity, saturation, balance and scenario.

But the result is there, at the opening of the season, everything is programmed, calculated in advance. The scenario begins at the opening of the season and ends at the last second just before closing for the winter. But at any time, the room manager can switch scenarios to magnify a moment or let the guests enjoy an event outside the room.

Each year we refine this scenario in order to go a little more into details, these details make the difference between beautiful and excellence. Thank you Sébastien.

A big thank you to the architect, Thierry Chalaux from the society : www.pointecarré, for his patience and to Michel Bras for his energy.


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