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Circline serie 40

Massive circular ceiling light for a lobby

Customization of our luminaries : Massive circular ceiling light for a lobby We made custom massive circular ceiling light for this lobby. Specifics sizes and finishes were necessary for this manufacturing. The architect sent us a 3D image representing his project with the decorative suspensions. His wish was to have decorative suspensions offering direct and indirect […]

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Restaurant Escargot

Minimalist lighting for this beautiful place. The light comes here to emphasize this comfortable and cozy space. It is absolutely a place to visit. A creation by Hervé Porte Architect.

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Restaurant Michel et Sébastien Bras

We are fortunate to participate in the renovation of the restaurant part of the famous house Bras. We will realize a unique LED ceiling for this high place of gastronomy. Opening in April …. To be continued

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The riviera Marriott hotel


We are fortunate to be selected for the realization of a custom-made luminaire in brass for the Riviera Marriott Hotel    

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Circline serie 100


Unique achievement for an innovative place. A Circline luminaire 7 meters in diameter to illuminate the reception part of Somfy’s new building, the Somfy LIGHT HOUSE.

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Circline direct indirect serie 20

Specific circline for the courthouse of Montpellier

For this project, we have chosen : -Circline series 20, -H version (direct/indirect), -a diameter of 3500 mm. The model H in series 20 emphasize without overloading the space. The diameter of 3500 mm demonstrates the potential of this series. At the same time, the light and the resistance offer an efficient luminaire. In order […]

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Specific stretch ceiling for BETC in Paris

We present you our latest realization in acoustic cold stretched ceiling. This 2.3m x 2.3m luminous ceiling is equipped with an acoustic fabric and a two-color LED backlight. The lighting management is provided by a system to adjust the light intensity and color. Users can adjust the color of light in real time and adjust […]

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Stretched ceiling RGB

The starred chef Cyril Attrazic and the architect Hervé Porte entrusted us with the lighting of the restaurant located in Aumont Aubrac. This is a project in curve, softness and comfort. Find more details in our section “Stretched ceiling”.

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Suquet BRAS Restaurant

We had the chance to participate in the renovation of the restaurant of the famous maison Bras part. We have achieved a unique LED ceiling for this high place of gastronomy.

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The Auvergne Rhône Alpes region supports businesses

As part of our participation in Hostys international business meetings in Berlin the 26,27 and 28 of november, we are fortunate and honored to have the support of our Region. Indeed, the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes regional council gives us its support and encourages us to wear the colors of our territory. It is with this support […]

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