In our workshop in Clermont-FD, France, we design and manufacture our luminaires and stretched ceilings.

We offer customized products and diverse design models in our catalog.

Our luminaires can combine with architectural projects, private individuals, the tertiary sector, the hotel business or the sales areas.

We like to work the following materials : steel, stainless steel, acrylic, glass, concrete.
All our products are certified CE and UL.


Our “catalog” range allows you to find the luminaire you need for your project in a wide choice of sizes and finishes.

Our “tailor-made” activity offers you the possibility of creating a luminaire adapted to your project. In this part, we help you define your needs and carry out computer simulations but also prototyping in order to determine the technical solution that will perfectly meet your requirements.

We accompany you on all stages of your design projects, including homologation and fabrication, when laying your custom luminaires if needed.

We mainly work on LED and OLED but we are also able to offer you other solutions.


For each design we prefer pure and recyclable materials, in line with the requirements of the RoHS European directive.

Our know-how in remote control system solutions improves energy performance (low power consumption, better service life).

Our luminaires have a 3 year warranty.

The primary object of our luminaires is to illuminate, efficiently but without impairing visual comfort.


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