Suspended Ellipse

It was an extraordinary project.

We had to design, manufacture and install an elliptical luminaire to accompany a monumental staircase on 7 floors.

We had to imagine and manufacture a luminaire from a central fixing point and an electrical connection point.

First, it was necessary to conceive the structure of the luminaire and to manage the notion of equilibrium of this ellipse. Once the design was optimized and the balance found, we optimized the electrification and then the lighting.

This luminaire must ensure the decorative and usual lighting of the staircase. He must participate in the lighting of the space and in the highlighting of the forms of the building.

The elegance of the place had to accommodate a light and slender and gently.

Made in 7 segments, it requires 8 months of work and 4 weeks of installation.

It is equipped with “shuttle lamps”  operating in low voltage. The energy passes through the hand-polished steel supports.

The segments are considered to be independent luminaires and must function independently in order to guarantee a long life. Each part has its own transformer (accessible from the landing).

 We had to structure this luminaire like a rigid and bare electric wire since the electricity is passing through rods. No isolation possible.

Operating in very low voltage there is no risk of electric shock.

We also treated the steel rods to facilitate cleaning and avoid the fingerprints of the too curious customers.

This achievement is part of the customized approach that we have been proposing on a recurring basis since the company’s inception. We have combined all our skills, from the design office to the on-site installation.


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