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we design and manufacture

We offer two ranges, custom-made and catalog.

Our luminaires integrate for example in projects for the private, the tertiary,
hotels or sales areas.

We like to work the material like steel, stainless steel, acrylic, glass or concrete.

All our products are certified by LCIE VERITAS.



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The Auvergne Rhône Alpes region supports businesses

As part of our participation in Hostys international business meetings in Berlin the 26,27 and 28 of november, we are fortunate and honored to have the support of our Region.

Indeed the Auvergne Rhône Alpes regional council gives us its support and encourages us to wear the colors of our territory.

It is with this support that we will participate this year in these meetings with the desire to promote the know-how of our great region.

More information on the website of the region: and


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Circline série 50 version DN avec lentille de fresnel

Fresnel circular ceiling light

At first we thought it was impossible.…a massive Fresnel lens in a thin circle.

This project has challenged our design office.

Special fresnel circular ceiling light for a unique project

We present a suspension composed of a circular ceiling light with an adjustable Fresnel lens.

To answer to this special request we had to show ingenuity. Being able to install a Fresnel lens of this size and make it orientable has not been so easy.

The choice of circular suspension Circline was the first step.

The lighting quality of our products is recognized. Its strength also.

Ensure the rotation and support the weight of the lens in a thin luminaire was not so easy. We carefully studied the connection between the lens and the circle.

Last step, the lens.

We must ensure the safety of users in all our projects. So we chose to make an acrylic lens rather than a glass lens.

To manufacture this lens we had to provide a machining and polishing phase. Final polishing has been done by hand to ensure perfect uniformity.

Luminaire with unique design

The result is impressive. The circle gently illuminates and the backlit lens brings a unique relief.

This suspension is unique. It represents a mixture of amazing style.

Given the success of this project, we decided to create the Circline fresnel range. This range of fresnel circular ceiling light includes catalog sizes but we can offer custom made.

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Ellipse luminaire led

ellipse ceiling light

New form : Ellipse ceiling light

We are pleased to announce the new range of Ellipse suspensions. This new version of our aluminum luminaires is part of our desire to offer you more and more choices.

In suspension or in bracket position, these luminaires adapt to all the constraints of installation. You can choose the hook version with the integrated power supply or the version without hanger with the remote power supply.

As for Circline’s circular luminaire range, we offer a wide range of finishes and sizes. The new ellipse range will offer you many options.

Adjust the luminaire height at the end

This ellipse ceiling light is based on the “extensible” principle of Torpedo to reduce transport costs and optimize installation.

This extensible side allows you to adjust the final height of the fixture at the end, once all of your decoration is completed.

You can choose to lower it above a table to mark the space or to compress it to the ceiling to clear the volumes.

Operation and light

The ellipse ceiling light are dimmable and available in different color temperatures. This allows you to adjust the light intensity according to the day and choose the color of light you prefer.

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Circline serie 40

Massive circular ceiling light for a lobby

Customization of our luminaries : Massive circular ceiling light for a lobby

We made custom massive circular ceiling light for this lobby. Specific sizes and finishes for this manufacturing.

The architect sent us a 3D image representing the project to ask us to make these decorative suspensions. The wish was to have decorative suspensions offering direct and indirect lighting.

The aim was to respect the proportions of the ceiling and strengthen the prospects.

Study of the installation for a great setting light

All of these massive circular ceiling light had to be suspended with the minimum of suspension cables. We have studied all the manufacturing in this way to facilitate the implementation with this constraint.

The second objective was to limit the electric cables. For that we imagined a powerful electrical harness to circulate the energy through the circles.

The modularity of our range allows us to manufacture light and efficient luminaires. So with the 80 series we studied this project. the profile chosen was the H format for direct and indirect lighting.

These massive circular ceiling light are managed by the GTC. The light follows the evolution of the day and offers a customer-friendly atmosphere.


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Circline serie 20

Custom made for good planet foundation

Custom circular ceiling light for the “Good Planet Foundation” in Paris.

As part of our collaboration with this foundation, we were asked to make custom lighting to ensure the lighting of the great hall of the castle Longchamp.

We had to offer functional and accent lighting to accompany the events of this place.

The choice is focused on Circline’s range of circular luminaires.

The aesthetics and performance of our circles seduced the architectural cabinet. Our ability to incorporate accent spots to finish convincing site owners.

For this we used the Circline 20 series range in H version. Two circles associated with led spots to create a new option to our range.

Luminaires “Made in France” 100%

The result is an alloy of performance and elegance. The timeless design of these suspensions combined with current technology allows this realization to be in phase with its time.

Manufacture, transport and adjustments assured by us.

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Circline Startford vue 2

Design circle chandelier


For this project in the heart of London, the architect wanted to use the circline range to illuminate office space, but working on the luster aspect.

The specification was to work on the issue of suspension and feeding of these luminaires.

Make large chandeliers with up to 3 supports.

For this we used the Circline serie 20 series and series 40.


The set is elegant and ensures a soft and effective lighting.

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Circline direct indirect serie 20

Specific circline for the courthouse of Montpellier

For this project, Circline serie 20 in H version (direct / indirect) in diameter 3500 mm has been chosen.

The model H in series 20 allows to emphasize without overloading the space. The diameter of 3500 mm demonstrates the potential of this series. At the same time light and resistant we offer an efficient and effective luminaire.

Fixation by a central hoop of reduced size, specially manufactured for this project to limit the visual impact and to keep the lightness of the whole.

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Stretched ceiling RGB

The starred chef Cyril Attrazic and the architect Hervé Porte entrusted us with the lighting of the restaurant located in Aumont Aubrac. A project in curve or softness and comfort are needed to taste the creations of this young talented chef.

Find more details in our section “Stretched ceiling”.

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Restaurant Michel et Sébastien Bras

We are fortunate to participate in the renovation of the restaurant part of the famous house Bras. We will realize a unique LED ceiling for this high place of gastronomy.

Opening in April …. To be continued

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photo salon philadelphie

Essilight USA and North America

Our products range is now available in North America. We are working with CONTRASTE LIGHTING to distribute our products in this part of the world.

Our products have UL accreditation.

Your contact :

Joël Sergerie

+1 418 839 4624

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