C 4 Products

Caisse d’épargne Clermont-Ferrand

Caisse d’épargne and the architect Gérard Bergami chose Essilight and the Circline range to design and install a unique lighting fixture in the boardroom and a 20-series Circline in the coffee room. This project allowed us to exploit the decorative potential of the Circline range.

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Campus RDI Michelin

ESSILIGHT is one of the companies selected to work on the RDI URBALAD campus of Michelin … To be continued…

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Circline serie 100

Circline suspension for theatre

We present you a new project with our Circline range. The Circline range of circular luminaires allows you to illuminate spaces with high ceilings. In this embodiment the ceiling height exceeds 10 m. Despite this constraint, the series 100 series circles provide a comfortable illumination of the area.

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Circline serie 20

Custom made for good planet foundation

Customized circular ceiling light for the “Good Planet Foundation” in Paris As part of our collaboration with this foundation, we were asked to make custom lighting to ensure the lighting of the great hall of the castle Longchamp. We had to offer functional and accent lighting to accompany the events of this place. We focused […]

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D 1 Product
Circline Startford vue 2

Design circle chandelier

Decorative object For this project in the heart of London, the architect wanted to use the Circline range to illuminate office space while working on the luster aspect. The specification was to work on the suspension’s issue and the feeding of these luminaires. Moreover, we had to make large chandeliers with up to 3 supports. […]

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e 1 Product
Ellipse luminaire led

ellipse ceiling light

New form : Ellipse ceiling light We are pleased to announce the new range of Ellipse suspensions. This new version of our aluminum luminaires is part of our desire to offer you more and more choices. In suspension or in bracket position, these luminaires can adapt themselves to all the constraints of installation. You can […]

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E 1 Product
photo salon philadelphie

Essilight USA and North America


Our products range is now available in North America. We are working with CONTRAST LIGHTING to distribute our products in this part of the world. Our products have UL accreditation. Their contact : Joël Sergerie +1 418 839 4624 joel.sergerie@contrastlighting.com

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F 1 Product
Circline série 50 version DN avec lentille de fresnel

Fresnel circular ceiling light

At first we thought it was impossible…how could we imagine a massive Fresnel lens in a thin circle ? This project has challenged our design office. Special fresnel circular ceiling light for a unique project This suspension is composed of a circular ceiling light and an adjustable Fresnel lens. To answer to this special request […]

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H 1 Product

Hoste table at Norbert Paris

Ambiance intimiste pour ce lieu où le chef Norbert reçoit en petit comité. Une réalisation de l’architecte Hervé Porte. Intimate atmosphere for this place where the chef Norbert receives in small committee. A realization by Hervé Porte architect.

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L 1 Product
Circline serie 100

L’Oréal project

The Circline 100 series luminaire with interior lighting was chosen to illuminate the first store of a new L’Oréal concept.  

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