Acoustic recessed light circles

Our trade is made of meeting. On this project this young starred chef wanted to create an atmosphere that corresponds to his image. In this lighting exercise we were asked to make a set of skylights.

These circular luminaires had to incorporate a background light and a dynamic light. In these luminous circles is found the sound system. Thus, our stretched canvases deal with acoustics.

These circles have been equipped with 4000 ° k monochrome LED for background light and RGB LED for dynamic light on the periphery.

The circles are individually controllable in intensity and the LED RGB is animated by the SPANDA LIGHT system of the architect Hervé Porte.

Both lights can be operated separately or simultaneously.

We set the colors according to the choices of the head of the places and we created a scenario light to accompany him from morning to evening according to the seasons.

The atmosphere created is of a unique comfort. The sound animation allows you to enjoy a pleasant sound background and hides the conversations of the neighboring tables. The monochrome light allows you to enjoy culinary compositions. The RGB LED in accordance with the musical rhythm modifies the general atmosphere in a smooth way.

The osmosis is total and what a pleasure to relax then near the fireplace under a circle of light 2.5m in diameter offering you a visual animation captivating.


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