A Massive circular ceiling light for a lobby

Customization of our luminaries : Massive circular ceiling light for a lobby

We made custom massive circular ceiling light for this lobby. Specifics sizes and finishes were necessary for this manufacturing.

The architect sent us a 3D image representing his project with the decorative suspensions. His wish was to have decorative suspensions offering direct and indirect lighting.

The aim was to respect the proportions of the ceiling and strengthen the prospects.

Study of the installation for a great setting light

All of these massive circular ceiling light had to be suspended with the minimum of suspension cables. We have studied all the manufacturing in this way to facilitate the implementation with this constraint.

The second objective was to limit the electric cables. For that purpose, we imagined a powerful electrical harness to circulate the energy through the circles.

The modularity of our range allows us to manufacture light and efficient luminaires. That’s why we studied this project with the 80 series. The profile chosen was the H format for direct and indirect lighting.

These massive circular ceiling light are managed by the CTM (Centralised Technical Management). The light follows the evolution of the day and offers to the customer a friendly atmosphere.



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