Acoustic lighting custom made

We have implemented a self-supporting structure to fix both the LEDs and the supports of the acoustic fabric. The luminaire is independent of the decorative ceiling.

Given the size of the luminaire, we had to adapt to the large size of the plenum. Matching the fixings needed to our fixture with the space avalaible on the slab was not the easiest.

Once the structure was installed, we had to manage the luminous rendering that would not have supported any shadow.

We have devised a unique LED system managed by a DALI protocol. Our experience in backlighting allowed us to calculate a LED implantation giving a perfect result.

The hot stretched canvas has necessitated a double-skinned fabric with a diffusion index adapted to the place. Given the size of the luminaire and its power, we made the choice of visual comfort by choosing a specific canvas.

The choice of the canvas will also allow to treat the acoustics efficiently.

The plain finish of the flanges was made on site.

The bet is successful! This light seems to fly and gives the impression of absorbing you.


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