Custom made lighting for Hotel the Bristol in Paris

In our work we have to adapt to the place and sometimes we can’t use our existing luminaire range.

As part of the project of the brasserie 114 of the hotel Le Bristol in Paris, we realized a light plan according to the wishes of the decorator and the client in order to create a precise ambience.

We had to adapt ourselves to the requirements of the premises and the materials chosen for the equipment of the restaurant. Once these criteria were met, we were able to propose a structured lighting.

Since visual comfort is the basis of this project, we had to conceive optics and luminaires respecting the regulations without harming the projects.

The light has been worked indirectly by promoting low luminance. LED sources equipped with customized optics have allowed us to target light and give rythm to the space.

On the outskirts, we worked on the backlighting and custom-made LEDs combining warm white and cold white to highlight the dahlias on the walls.

The composition was made individually to adapt to the changing colors of these flowers and respect the scenography. We had to achieve a lighting “sewing”.

Concerning the lighting of the columns, we have custom-made luminaires to match the diameter and to value the handmade copper patina.

The light had to be soft and precise for this high place of Parisian gastronomy and its demanding clientele.

We have devised scenarios to pace the light and adapt the luminous atmosphere to the season and the time of year. A daily program has been imagined.

At any time the butler can adapt the scenario to a customer’s request and thus offer maximum comfort to customers.

For this project we have put all of our skills at the disposal of the decorator and the engineering company for the sole purpose of satisfying the customer.


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