Custom light for a restaurant

Our EssiLine led range allows us to install luminaires with high efficiency, which maintain optimal visual comfort.

In this project we have installed EssiLine led luminaires in “dual color” version. This option allows us to control the lighting thanks to our OHAS light management interface.

Thus, we can choose : the intensity of the light, its color and the saturation of the color. Each luminaire can be controlled individually and it is possible to create a light wave.

The time schedule allows you to define the lighting scenario in advance.

The nature of the ceiling : matt black stretched canvas, left little room for all the fixing accessories. Considering the configuration of the place, it required a thin and discreet luminaire.

The EssiLine Led range is available in different sizes, but for this project we have manufactured special lengths in order to respect the concept conceived by the architect.

The client was able to observe his restaurant, moving from a warm white atmosphere to a colder tint before making his choice.

One of the tools that seduced Alexandre Bourdas is : the potential to be able to change the color temperature of light. There is no doubt that this talented Chef will take advantage of it to enhance his restaurant and his creations.


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