Composition of Circline

Adaptation is the basis of our society. We provide a maximum amount of services to our customers so that we can achieve a project in the best conditions.

In this project, we had to use the existing ceiling because is was considered untouchable.

The most delicate part was the power supply of Circline lights. Usually, we have a power cable per luminaire but considering the circular shape of the luminaires, it was on the periphery.

We could have considered the option of the central hitch, but the customer was not favorable for aesthetic reasons.

That’s why we structured our fixtures so they could drive electricity from one to the other. Thus, from a central point, by crossing the circles, we were able to obtain this result.

The sleek style of the Circline lighting reflects the minimalist ambiance of the place. Circles fill the space without overloading it.

The luminous uniformity is very good and thanks to the OHAS control, the customer can adapt the light level of this space with a wireless remote control.

The general atmosphere is changed over time.

A few months later, once the space was appropriated, the customer wanted to change the height of the set. This was done without any worries by our team. The Circline makes it possible to evolve this type of appreciation without having to start all over again from scratch.


Technical characteristics
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