Bordeaux, The wine museum

There are projects that leave you feeling proud. This is one of them.

Create a custom-made luminaire led design to illuminate the cellar of the Bordeaux wine museum, brilliant.

We crossed our fingers hoping to win this tender and we won.

Our experience of customized luminaires associated with our existing luminaire range enabled us to win this project and to achieve a successful delivery on time.

The file was not simple, the constraints were numerous and the delay quite short.

The aim was to realize, based on the specifications of Laurent Karst, Atelier 16, a luminaire composed of 3 circles and supported by a central structure.

The 3 circles had to light in 3 different directions and had to be 2.6m in diameter each.

The whole had to be perfectly balanced and installed like a classic chandelier at the end of the site.

This project was marked by a meeting with Laurent Karst. As a talented designer, he accompanied us throughout the design process and made us benefit from his know-how. Present at the time of the installation he was able to guide us until the power on.

We were able to exchange constantly with the teams of the town hall on the spot and in particular with Ms Karol Desmolaize, who played an important part in this success.

The whole gives a luminous imposing but not crushing. The circles held by an axis seem to be levitating. They emphasize this curving space and seem to invite visitors to venture into this cellar where the world of wine is represented.

The soft light, through its color temperature and intensity allows visitors to discover the thousands of bottles present. A wireless system to adjust the intensity of the light according to the wishes of the operator.

The ceiling is made of a black stretched canvas with a mirror effect. Indeed, it reflects the luminaire and all the elements of the room : this cellar seems endless.

The designer highlighted this cellar by cleverly conceal small spots under each display stand to highlight a bottle and rhythm the discovery.

We are proud to have participated in this project.


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